12 Days of Facial Massage – Ears

The ears may seem like just a sensory input device, but the fact is that many of the muscles of the neck, head and face connect together or overlap at or near the ears. As a result, work on the ears has positive benefits to the neck, head, and face. It can also assist with sinus issues since it’s tied into the sinus cavities in the skull as well. Reflexology and Tradition Chinese Medicine both see the ears as a map of the human body, with corresponding areas for each organ, body part and system.

It’s not surprising, then, that ear work is a huge favorite. I’ll be honest, it can sound a little loud in your ear when working on the ear itself, but when you work around the ear and at all the attachment sites, it feels heavenly.

If you need to start the whole series from the beginning, you can start here (12 Days of Facial Massage – Opening) . Or, if you just missed yesterday’s post on work on the browline, you can start here (12 Days of Facial Massage – Browline):

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