12 Days of Facial Massage – Forehead

After we warm up the face, we start particular work on the forehead first. We’ll do a series of lines across the forehead vertically and horizontally to try to relax those vertical worry lines that start to become permanent if you’ve got too much stress in your life. So, erase those lines on your partner with this technique smooth and relax the forehead.

You might need a little bit of lotion on your hands if your partner’s skin tends to be dry, but for most people, you won’t need the additional lotion. So, unless you want to start from the beginning (12 Days of Facial Massage – Opening) you can see the new pieces for the forehead here:


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    December 20, 2011 at 10:05 pm

    [...] working on the forehead yesterday (12 Days of Facial Massage – Forehead), I’m sure you’re ready to do a little work around the eyes. In today’s video, [...]

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