12 Days of Facial Massage – Neck and Shoulders Part 2

Hope you liked the last video in the 12 Days of Facial Massage series: we just covered some basic work on the neck and shoulders (you can get a replay here).  We spend one more short video work on the neck specifically, and then we get to scalp.

Now I know you can’t wait to get to the scalp – and it’s a fabulous scalp routine including some shiatsu and pressure point techniques – but here’s the thing: you have to spend some time on the neck if you’re going to work on the face and scalp. The area is too interconnected to leave the neck out. I use these neck techniques in almost every massage and they are personal favorites of mine.

Take a peek at the video and learn a few neck and shoulder techniques you can use at any time, even without adding the facial massage to it. Enjoy!

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