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12 Days of Facial Massage – Neck Massage Part 1

To continue the 12 Days of Facial Massage video series, we’re moving on to work on the neck. I know, I know, what are we still doing on the neck? Well, as I mentioned yesterday, the neck’s connections to the scalp, face and jaw directly affect the tension, flexibility and range of motion of the face.

Today, we’ll look at some basic work on the middle and upper trapezius muscle and work on the cervical erectors – those muscles that hold our heads up throughout the day.

Some of the muscle attachments directly overlap the muscles on the face, and thus loosening and relaxing them will open up and relax the face. Plus, it just feels great and your partner will love it.  If you want to back up to see the first video, you can take a peek at it here:


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12 Days of Facial Massage: Part 1

During the holiday season I like to put together a series of videos you can use to work on your friends and family. Last year, I did a series on basic partner massage (you start it here) and this year, I’ve put together a series of techniques to use for facial massage. We start off with traction on the arms and head, and a little work on the chest. When working on women, just work the upper part of the chest, close to the collar bone, just the first couple of inches below the clavicle.

Why start with the chest and shoulders if we’re doing a facial massage series? The body can’t really be separated out into components the same way a computer or an appliance can. Because of the way the muscles, tendons, ligaments and bone interact, work on the shoulders, neck and upper chest affects the face and the all the facial muscles that connect in along the jaw bone, the ears and the skull. To address that, we start the facial massage with work on the chest, shoulders and neck before working on the scalp and face. It’s worth the wait, I promise.




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