7 Tips to Make Your Next Massage Super-Fantastic-Fabulous


A lot of what makes that fantastic, super-wonderful, sleepy/happy/noodle-like massage feeling has to do with your massage therapist. If you have a great massage therapist, and great communication with your therapist, you’re going to have a fabulous massage.

But not everything that makes that massage so wonderful has to do with your therapist. Some basic tips and suggestions can take your next massage from great to “out of this world!”

(If you want to discuss or try some of these next time you’re in for a massage in Louisville or Nashville, let me know!)

Tip One: Bring your Pajamas

I suggest this for all clients coming after work, or just before a vacation.  Bring your pajamas and your slippers.  Or, bring your lounge clothes.  Don’t bother putting the pantyhose and fancy shoes or ties back on, bring comfy clothes and put your work clothes in a bag.  Go home in clothes your body relaxes in.  That will improve your next massage 100%!

Tip Two: Back into your Parking Spot

Instead of having to crane your neck around just after that great massage, back into your parking space, or get into a spot that you can drive forward from. It’s a simple tip, but it makes a difference.

Tip Three: Get There Early

Another easy tip is to leave five minutes early for your massage. Make sure you have a few minutes just to sit in the waiting room and look forward to your massage.  Rushing in right on time, or worse, five minutes late not only shorts your time with your massage therapist, it keeps you from getting on the table in the right frame of mind.

Tip Four: Pay and Schedule Before the Session

Nothing brings you back into the real world and out of that beatific post-massage stupor as much as getting out your calendar to schedule your next appointment. It reminds you of everything you have to do, and creeps you back into reality far too quickly. Take a minute or two before your session to go ahead and get your payment ready and schedule your next session. It’ll keep you in La-La-Land a little longer. And that’s the point, right?

Tip Five: Take Care in Scheduling Your Massage

The top factors in scheduling a massage are your schedule, your budget and your massage therapist’s schedule. Getting all three of those factors to the sweet spot of the perfect massage time can be a challenge. Schedule at a time when you’ll be able to relax. Don’t try to schedule the evening before you’re going out of town. Most likely you’ll be rushing around to get everything together just before heading out.

Avoid scheduling right before a big deadline. If you can, schedule just after the deadline. Try not to schedule just before a stressful meeting or a big presentation. “Massage brain” can leave you a little tongue-tied and sometimes a bit addled. And that doesn’t take into account the crazy hair that can occur!

Tip Six: Get Your Errands Done Beforehand

I know it’s tempting to head out to errands after a massage, but resist. Even grocery shopping, toting the groceries out into the car and then into the house can be a strain on your body. Having a long To-Do list after a massage can keep you from staying relaxed after your session.

It’s better to leave your schedule open after a massage, go home to relax and continue the good vibe after the session. Make it an evening or afternoon you can keep for yourself.

Tip Seven: Be Open to Relaxing on the Table

One of the things that makes the biggest difference in the way you feel after a massage is your mental state while receiving the massage. Go to your massage with an open mind. If you have a hard time relaxing on the table, ask your massage therapist to do something you find extremely relaxing (e.g. working on the feet or the scalp).

If your mind keeps wandering, just breathe on the table, and let each exhale sink you deeper into the table. Focus on what the massage therapist is working on if focusing on your breath isn’t helping relax you. Above all, just try to enjoy the massage and let your body and mind relax. Sometimes anticipating a fabulous massage makes it that much better – just getting your mind ready for the relaxation you’ll have on the table.

So there you have it: 7 tips to make your next massage a hundred times better.

And if you’re looking for a great massage therapist in Louisville, well, you’ve got my number: 502-265-6710.

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