Abdominal Lymph Drainage Part 2

Last week we covered a great technique called Lymphatic Breathing that helps pull fluid from the legs and trunk. This week, we continue that same routine, and move to performing some light lymphatic manipulation of the abdomen, using light pressure on the belly to affect the fluid in the torso and legs.

I’ve found this technique to be a wonderful way to reduce feeling “full” or “heavy” in the torso. It’s also helped, in conjunction with the breathing we showed in part 1 (Reduce the Bloat! Abdominal Lymphatic Massage), reduce swelling in my ankles, legs and feet. It improves digestions, softens the bowels and clients tend to report that it eases stomach issues as well.

Lymphatic work is very light in terms of pressure.  Also, I can’t overstate the importance of the lymphatic breathing in part 1 – it is CRITICAL to pulling fluid up out of the legs and torso.

This technique has the same contraindications of as the previous lymphatic drainage, so look back to this entry before you try this on yourself.  If you are pregnant, you can perform the lymphatic breathing technique, but do not perform these abdominal manipulation techniques.

As always, those seeking massage in Louisville can try these techniques out on the table before trying them on one’s self. Just let me know you’re interested in the abdomen work in your next session and you’ll be able to see how it feels.

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