Acupressure for Repetitive Strain Injuries (Like Carpal Tunnel Syndrome)

How would you like to know the top acupressure spots to use for Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) in the forearm? I ran across this list of applicable acupressure points on RSI injuries are caused by the wear and tear of a set of motions (like typing, hammering, etc.) on the body. Usually the motions are not physically taxing at first, but over weeks, months and years, muscles shorten, tendons lose their flexibility or become inflamed, and nerves become pinched by the tissue around it.

Many people advocate stretching and physical therapy for RSIs, but alternative treatments may also help. In this case, the article describes a set of acupressure points that can be used to keep the forearms and hands healthy and flexible. So, if you’ve got issues from repetitive strain, take a peek at the article and share it with friends and family whose daily activities include repetitive motions. I’ve included the first three points she describes here:

Try these Acupressure Points:

1. Swamp of the Curve (LI 11)
Bend your arm so your palm faces your chest.  The point is at the outer end of the elbow crease.
2. Third Mile (LI 10)
From LI 11, draw an imaginary line to your thumb. The point is 3 finger widths down this line. Feel the area for the most tender point.
3. Outer Marsh (LU 5)
Make a fist, bending your elbow slightly. The point is at the elbow crease on the outer side of the tendon.

Photo credit: CCL user: foxtongue

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