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If you had told me eight years ago I would have anything other than a completely professional, non-personal relationship with my clients I would have called you crazy. I can remember an instructor at Cumberland Institute saying, “You fall in love with all of your clients a little bit.” I can also remember thinking, “Not me. These are business clients, not friends.”

But the truth fell somewhere in between. My clients became my friends over time. After eight years of massage, and after seeing some clients over a hundred times, I began to realize that it was true: I did love my clients. When someone shares their stories and vulnerability with you, there is a deep sense of compassion that develops. It’s a professional hazard, I suppose, to feel drawn in to the stories and challenges of my clients.

As I prepare to leave Nashville and look back on my time here as a massage therapist, I am struck by the wisdom you have all shared with me. Your stories, tall tales, sorrows, and dreams have given me a perspective on life that I think few share. While I work, I listen, and you taught me many lessons I cherish. I want to share what you’ve taught me.

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