Chronic Pain: How a Feather Can Feel Like a Torch

Earlier this month I posted a link to a video with information about chronic pain. The mystery of pain is one that physicians and scientists continue to study and unravel. In the previous post, one of the key points in the video was the fact that it is the brain that turns the sensation into the perception of pain.

The exact ways in which sensory input gets perceived as pain, and how that perception of pain can become overstimulated by the brain is still mystery. But, a TED talk I found recently talks about a specific example in which a young girl’s sprained wrist turned into a serious chronic pain issue. It also talks a little about the ways in which the sensory perceptions get tuned to pain and discomfort and the ways in which those patterns can be disrupted enough to bring sensations back into a normal neural response.

This is another post you may want to share with family and friends who may be dealing with chronic pain issues. And this is a helpful message, because in many ways we are at the threshold of being able to understand pain and rehabilitate the body through various means to retrain perception of sensory input to a normal level.

Photo credit: CCL; User: xlibber

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