Ease Eye Strain with this Easy Relaxation Technique

Who doesn’t have eye strain these days? Whether it’s from hours spent staring at a monitor, or trying to read itty-bitty text on our itty-bitty smartphones, almost everyone has days when their eyes feel tired. For those of you who regularly suffer from eye strain from hours spent staring at small text, or screens or bitty items, I’ve got an easy relaxation technique.

This is not a traditional massage technique. I’ll demonstrate how to use light touch of the fingers around the outside and just inside the eye orbit to release tension in the face. By using the breath as you bring your awareness to where your fingers are, you release the tension held in the tissue. In a way, it feels as if your face is melting. When you let go of the tension around your eyes and face you’ll feel your cheeks drop a little bit, your forehead widen and your jaw loosen.

If you have time to do this while laying down, you’ll get the most benefit from it if your head can be in a relaxed and supported position when you try it. But, even if you do this while sitting at your desk, if you take the time to breathe and focus on releasing the muscles, you’ll feel great relief from eye strain.

If you don’t have time to do the whole exercise, just do this one thing: take a deep breath in, loosen the tongue from the roof of your mouth and place the tip of your tongue just behind the top teeth with the tongue loosened in the mouth. Usually this causes relaxation throughout the eyes and forehead as well as the jaw.

Take some time to try out this technique. It’s easy on the hands, easy to do and very effective as a relaxation exercise.


Photo credit: Flickr.com CCL: User Mikleman


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