Easy Peasy Neck Massage

After the 12 days of partner massage, I wanted to get back to some self-massage tips.  This massage technique is something easy enough to do at your desk, AND it feels great.  The trick here is that you’re pressing with your hand and moving the neck and head underneath the hand.  This makes self-massage of the neck much gentler on your own hands.

Typically, self-massage of the neck includes a lot of work that uses the thumb to squeeze the shoulders and neck.  That feels wonderful, but it will leave you with sore thumbs and very tired hands.  By using movement, you take the pressure off the hands and get some fascial work along with the muscle massage.

I’ve started doing neck massage this way in the last few months and love the way it feels.  Just do five of each and in a couple of minutes, you’ve given your neck a great massage and kept your hands in good shape.

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