FABULOUS Foot Massage Techniques

For Valentine’s Day, why not do something more wonderful than chocolate and flowers? Something they’ll love more than dinner out. Something they’ll tell all their friends.

That’s right: foot massage. I’ve got a four video series coming out over the next week or so just in time to teach you how to give a fabulous, wonderful, relaxing, invigorating, heavenly, spectacular foot massage. In fact, just offering to practice on them in advance might make this their favorite Valentine in years.

Now I know not everyone is a big foot fan, but here’s the thing: massage the foot is really easy, and there’s lots of ways to do it that feel very good. You don’t have to use deep pressure on the foot to make it feel good. In fact, I’m planning a BONUS video to show off a light-pressure technique I use called “The Sedator” so that you can try it on your partner.

So get your partner on the table and follow along. There are lots of techniques in the first video, so pick a few that look easy and try them out.

This first video is for working on a partner face-up and covers the top of the foot and the sole, but not the toes – that’s the next video.
(Shout out to AM for being my stunt foot in these videos). And if you’re looking for a good massage in Louisville, just give me a buzz.

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