Now the Fingers – 12 Days of Partner Massage

The last ones to get attention on the hand – the fingers – but so worth the wait. It’s amazing how wonderful simply pulling and softly manipulating the fingers feels after a long day at work, or hours at a hobby, or just loads of time surfing the internet. If you’ve got someone in your life who could really use some hand work, just do the four pieces of the massage that focus on the hands and fingers. Take about seven minutes on each hand, and in fifteen minutes you’ll have a very happy person in your hands.

As always, go gently with the fingers if you’re working with someone who has arthritis or joint issues in the hand. However, even very light pressure on the hands will usually feel good – it warms the tissue and increases the blood flow to the area. The results of light massage on hands can be as profound as deep work all over the body. For some people, the attention spent on those little digits we use all day but don’t think about can be as relaxing as an hour in a hot tub.

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