Foot Massage – 12 Days of Partner Massage

Did you enjoy the work on the ankles yesterday? When there’s lots of partying and dressing up going on, the feet and ankles always enjoy some extra attention. Today we move from the ankles down onto the foot – working the top surface of the foot and the arch with some wonderful, relaxing kneading.

I won’t keep it from you.

Originally, I was only going to post one video today, but these two videos on the feet are short and easy to combine, so look below for the second video after the one linked here. The “More Foot Massage” video includes the work on the sole of the foot. If you like reflexology, you must talk your partner into learning these moves on the sole of your foot.

So if you want to start at the beginning of the playlist -12 Days of Partner Massage. Alternately, you can just start at the Leg and Foot Playlist. Or you can just go directly to the second foot video:

And here’s the work for the sole of the foot. We concentrate on two easy techniques to use on sole of the foot. We’re on them all day without ever a second thought about them. . . That is, until they start to hurt. Like the hands, the feet are also one of the most requested parts of the body for massage. This work on the bottom of the foot can be tender for people with foot issues, or anyone who spends all day on his/her feet. It feels wonderful when combined with the work on the arch that we just finished.

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