Give the Gift of Massage – Yourself!

Want to give your friends and family a gift they will love? A free gift that requires no money, only time? A gift that’s easy to give and fun to do? How about giving them a massage – from you?

In the past week, I started a partner massage video series on my MassageByHeather.Com Blog. This is a “How To Give a Massage” for beginners series. There are four videos on the scalp and face, four on the arm and hands, and four on the legs and feet. By December 24th, the playlist will be complete. I’ve designed it so that you can run through the playlist and do the massage along with me. Just get your laptop or smartphone set up with earphones or an earbud, and you’re good to go.

But, I also wanted to give you a way to make a physical gift to give your spouse, friend or family member who is going to receive this fabulous massage from you, so I created a little Massage Gift Certificate pdf file here and included a video below on how to make an origami tree ornament you can give to the lucky giftee of your massage (Note: You will have to fold a corner up and cut the excess off to make the paper into a square rather than a rectangle before you start the ornament). Here’s what it will look like once you’re finished:
Picture of an Origami Tree folded from the Gift Certificate printout
Pretty cool, huh? (And very easy to do!)

Here’s the video to make the Holiday Tree Origami:

You can start the playlist at the beginning to do the full massage, or you just do the Scalp and Head, the Arms and Hands, or the Calf and Feet.  Here’s the full playlist (Remember, all 12 won’t be available until Dec 24, 2010):

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