Hand Massage – 12 Days of Massage

We spend a lot of time on computers now, and many of us (like me) have hand-intensive jobs. Whether hands are sore from carrying babies, grocery bags or laptop bags and purses, a little massage increases blood flow, loosens the tissue and makes the hands happy again.

Although I demonstrate work on the hand with the arm down at the side, you can always bend the elbow and work with the forearm at 90 degrees to the bed/table for the hand work.

Be very careful working on the hand. For people with arthritis in their hands, you need to use very gentle pressure and really tune in to the pressure level your partner needs. Also be aware of your own hands. If they start getting tired (especially your thumbs) take a quick break and shake out your hands or go back to the forearm and do more work with the palm of your hand.

Start at the beginning of the playlist: 12 Days of Partner Massage
Or just view the hand massage video:

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