Runners Knee: Iliotibial Band Syndrome

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As the weather gets warmer, the runners and cyclist start their training. One of the most common injuries among runners and cyclists is IT Band Syndrome.  The article below explains IT Band Syndrome and describes some massage techniques that can be used to relieve the symptoms of it. Follow the link to view the full article.

Iliotibial band friction syndrome is recognized as one of the most common lower-extremity injuries in athletes, especially in long-distance runners and cyclists. Casually referred to as runner’s knee, massage therapists are likely to encounter this inflammatory condition.

Also known simply as iliotibial band (ITB) syndrome, physiologists debate the actual pathology involved. While some understand this overuse injury to be associated with excessive friction between the ITB tract and the lateral femoral epicondyle, others suspect that ITB syndrome is a consequence of impaired hip musculature. Whether or not tightened hip muscles or localized friction are behind ITB syndrome, several bodywork techniques can help resolve this problem.

via A Summary of Iliotibial Band Syndrome for Bodyworkers.

If you’re training up for marathons this spring, or just getting more active in the nice weather, be sure to add massage to your self-care routine to ease the aches and pains of training and to reduce injuries.  Louisville massage office appointments available March 22-26.  I work on many athletes and lots of runners and cyclists, so come on in!

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