iPhone and Blackberry Hand Massage (Part 3 of the Crackberry Recovery Program)

OK, I’ve told you twice, you need to take more breaks when you use your Blackberry (Crackberry), iPhone and Droid for long periods of time. You’ll get texting thumb! If you’re already on one, check out this video on how to massage your own hands from all that time on the smartphones. So, turn it sideways to see the video below and work on your own hands.

I’m using a tennis ball in the video for part of the hand massage, but you can use any kind of ball with a little bit of give to it. If you only have decorative, ceramic or stone balls, you can use them, but go easy on the pressure so you don’t hurt your hands.

If you find that you need more pressure than you can get sitting down, you can stand up and use your body weight to add some pressure to the tennis ball to give yourself a deeper massage on your palm. Again, be careful if you’re not using a ball with some give to it. Never go too deep on your hands – you only have those two, so take care of them.

Here’s Crackberry/iPhone Addicts Part 1 and Crackberry/iPhone Addicts Part 2 if you missed them. This massage is designed to be done after doing the stretches and massaging in parts 1 and 2, but you can try them out without. After the stretches for the hand in part 2, this feels wonderful.

Here’s the video – enjoy:

Although these videos won’t cure you of your Blackberry/iPhone addiction, they can help your body recover from the stresses. Use them daily if you’re a heavy user. Stay strong!

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