Pressure Point Massage Relieves Jaw Pain

Do you have clicking and popping in your jaw?  Experience pain and discomfort in the jaw and ear areas?  If so, I have a short video of acupressure points you can use on yourself to relieve jaw pain and tension.  These points often cause draining of the sinus cavities and ears as well.

I frequently use these points on clients, and advice people to press on these points a few times a day for 30s to 2 min.  They’re easy to find on yourself (since they all use easily palpable landmarks) and they work on most people.  Combine these points with some jaw stretches (opening the mouth wide as if you were yawning) and you’ll likely get some relief from jaw or mouth troubles.

Please forward to the TMJ syndrome sufferers and teeth grinders in your life.  I advise people to try doing this 3 times a day for a week to see if they notice a change in either range of motion, pain/discomfort in the jaw or the ear, or a release in pressure in the head.

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  1. Louisville Massage Therapy Blog by » TMJ Awareness Month: Massage Resources said,

    November 10, 2011 at 8:18 am

    [...] I have a couple of videos that you might want to view. The first is a video that I put together that shows some acupressure points that are helpful for TMJ syndrome. The original is here on a previous blog post: [...]

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