Lessons: Everyone Has Favorites

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Everyone has Favorites

Everyone has a weakness, a secret vice, something they love doing even though they know it’s not the best thing for the body. I’m not talking about Krispy Kremes, cheesecake or pinot  here. Rather, we all have things we love to do which are hard on the body.

Take, for example, knitting. I have quite a few knitters, and though it’s rough on the hands and wrist, and sometimes kinks up the neck from staring down while working, it’s not something they’re willing to give up. Likewise, I have golfers with bad backs, runners with achy knees, and guitarists with carpal tunnel syndrome.

If it’s something you love, you’ll figure out a way to reduce the damage to the body. You’ll figure out how to stretch after a set, how to hold the needles with your wrists relaxed, or how to pot new plants on a table so you don’t have to bend over. You might slow down your pace in marathons or rides, or you might settle for 9 holes instead of 18. The lesson I’ve learned from you is that the mental acuity and challenge of those hobbies more than makes up for a little discomfort. And if massage helps you keep doing what you love, keep getting massage!

Finding a hobby that truly engages you and makes you happy is a beautiful and meditative use of your time. And for those who keep searching, learning one new thing after another? Their love is the search, the acquisition of new experiences and knowledge and the pride that comes with mastery of a new skill.

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  1. Ansh said,

    July 7, 2011 at 9:33 am

    I completely agree to what you say. Even sometimes when it is not enjoyment and you know that you would end up pushing your body to the limits, you do it. Like earlier i used to play Badminton as it was my hobby and sometime even if i was hurt i had to play since i was representing my school or team but later on i could not continue playing it as it I had regular backache problem.
    Then later i started doing meditation and yoga. Initially to improve my body but soon I fell in love walking with nature, and experiencing different feelings within me.
    It also gives me relaxation and now sometimes i prefer sitting silently or walking in nature rather than playing.

  2. Heather Wibbels said,

    July 18, 2011 at 4:54 pm

    Ansh – Yes, I had to give up playing the violin once I became a massage therapist, and I miss it, but I have found other things to do which work well with my physical activity level now. I would say that meditation and meditative activities, like Yoga or Tai Chi are a complement to anyone’s daily care regemin and it keeps the body moving, too!

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