Lessons: Leave the Safety Net at Home

safety net

I have a low risk tolerance. I tend to over plan and under execute. My clients have taught me that sometimes you have to jump without the net. You might hold your breath or you might relax into the fall, but that first step, it’s always a doozy.

But the payoff can be spectacular.

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  1. Jerry Andrus said,

    July 9, 2011 at 3:04 am

    Just started reading your blogs, etc., and just curious how you have instilled a self-care plan to support your job, or life? How do you seek balance? How do you rejuvenate? I’ll look on your sites at more depth in case you have shared on this already. Enjoy your sharing/insights. Thank you.


  2. Heather Wibbels said,

    July 15, 2011 at 10:14 am

    Jerry – I do a lot of things for self-care. I get massage every week, I try to stretch before working in the morning. Sometimes I use Tai Chi or meditation. Right now, as I’m building up a practice in a new city, it can be hard to keep on schedule with my self-care, but I do as best as I can. I think I am more attuned to this because I chose massage over a career that didn’t give me time to take care of myself or to thinking about work/life balance. But it a way, that helps me talk to my clients – I have been there, done the crazy schedule, corporate job life, and instead of staying with a job that didn’t make me happy, I learned a new profession and started to work in a field I loved that keeps me relaxed. I can relate to being pulled in a hundred directions at once, and I know that it’s a sacrifice to make time for self-care, but if people don’t take time, the body will make them take time through injury, or stress-related conditions.

    I just hope my clients can see that taking time out for themselves isn’t a luxury, it’s a necessity that will keep them moving. :-)

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