Lessons: There Is a Place for Stillness in Life

still water

Once I accepted the power of stillness in my sessions, I became more convinced that there is a place, no, a need for stillness in life. We live our lives in constant connection with one another. We watch tv, blast our iPods, email, text, blog, tweet and connect to others in a hundred different ways. But the most balanced of us  are the ones who carve out time for stillness in their day. They find moments of emptiness where existing in a still moment is all the input they need.

Some create that stillness with meditation. Some create it through meditative actions or walking. Others create it through prayer. As stillness becomes part of a person’s daily life, the body reacts differently to massage. It starts to bring more awareness of the body and its emotional or mental connections.

It’s easy for me to find stillness in massage. I find the strength in stillness in a hundred small moments a day. Stillness is the breath I take when I first put my hands on a client. It’s in the deep breath I take to encourage my client to breathe. Stillness is the pause I take mentally before I open the door to walk into a massage, or the pause I take as I step out on my way home.

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