“Look Ma, No Hands” Massage

The unfortunate thing about self-massage is that you have to use your hands and fingers to work on yourself. When the problem area is your forearms or hands, it can be tricky to figure out a way to relieve the tension in the area without further compromising your hands and arms. But I recently started working on my own forearms in a way that minimizes the use of the hands and fingers and still feels fabulous.

I call it the “Look Ma, No Hands” Massage. I’ve been doing a lot of painting and home improvement projects lately, and use this technique to relieve pain and discomfort from the forearms. This is great for pain/tension/soreness from gardening, weeding, home improvement, painting – anything that requires fine motor movements of the hands. Because the primary muscles that move the hands and fingers reside in the forearm, work on the forearm is the easiest way to relieve pressure.

So take a peek at my latest YouTube video here and try it out. All you need is a flat surface and you can perform this technique onĀ  yourself.


And if you still need more massage after working on yourself, come see me in Louisville for massage!

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  1. 'Drea said,

    August 4, 2011 at 12:21 am

    Thanks for sharing that technique. I spend a lot of time rock climbing and my forearms take most of the punishment; they get completely tight and plump. I’m looking forward to using “no hands.”

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