Louisville Massage Therapy

Heather Wibbels, LMT runs MassageByHeather.com, a Louisville massage therapy practice focused on integrative massage techniques. A dedicated businesswoman, Heather Wibbels works with clients to understand individual goals and needs so that she can deliver a massage specifically designed for each client according to her/his need on a particular day.

Previously based in Nashville, Heather has recently opened a massage office in Louisville. Massage therapy has been Heather’s career since 2003, when she left the software industry to become a massage therapist in Nashville. Her knowledge of multiple types of massage enables her to build a massage based on feedback from the client and her knowledge of the body. She integrates Swedish massage, acupressure, lymphatic drainage massage, myofascial, passive and active stretching and orthopedic massage into sessions based on the needs of those seeking massage therapy in Louisville.

Heather is excited to be performing massage therapy in Louisville and continues to ramp up her time in the St. Matthews, Louisville office. Schedule an appointment today to find out why Louisville massage therapist Heather Wibbels should be in your appointment book.