Massage Yourself: Lower Back and Hip Massage

It’s unfortunate that the back is one of the primary places people experience pain, tension and discomfort because it’s the one place it’s hard for us to reach ourselves.

Enter the tennis ball, small wonder of wonders.  By using a tennis ball, you can use the pressure of the ball as you place it between yourself and the wall in order to massage your own back.

In this video I demonstrate using a tennis ball to massage your own lower back, but you can use the techniques to also work on the upper back and shoulders as well (I’ll demo that in a later video).

So, try this out on yourself if you suffer from lower back or hip discomfort.  Please note that you should NOT use a decorative ball, a ceramic ball, a wooden or metal ball or anything except a tennis ball.  The amount of “give” the ball has will keep you from hurting yourself if you try to use deep pressure.

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  1. Nicki Minaj Pink Friday said,

    November 21, 2010 at 11:12 am

    outstanding post! great advice, will take on board!

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