Massage for Insomnia: You’re Only 9 Acupressure Points from a Good Night’s Sleep

Trouble sleeping? Instead of flopping around the bed, watching the minutes click back as you try to sleep, try some of these acupressure points.

In honor of National Sleep Awareness week this week, I’ve done a little research and put together two videos for you. The first shows acupressure points to assist with insomnia, and the second a very relaxing face massage you can do on yourself.

I culled these points from research online and from using the book Acupressure’s Potent Points, one of my favorite books about acupressure. It’s not a dense, theoretical account of acupressure, but it’s a quick reference guide with pictures and the purpose of points included for different problems and symptoms.

Use these acupressure techniques while in bed, as a way to relax and prepare you for sleep.  The feet points outlined below especially help with insomnia.

Here’s the video to use, but for more information on the specific points see below:

Bladder 10 – At the nape of the neck 1-2 inches out from the spine between the spine and the thick ropey muscles on either side (trapezius/paraspinalis muscles):

Location of UB 10

Gall Bladder 20 – Great point for insomnia and anxiety/nervousness late at night. Put your fingers in the hairline, sweep out laterally 2-3 inches, until your fingers fall into the small hollows at the base of the skull:

Location of GB 20

Governing Vessel 16 – Run your fingers up the spine until they rest in the hollow where the spine and skull intersect, an inch or two up into the scalp.  GV 16 is in that divot:

Location of GV 16

Heart 7 – On the ulnar (pinky) side of the inner forearm of the wrist crease where the ulna connects into the wrist. This point is excellent for emotional issues, sleep issues, anxiety and worry:

Location of Ht 7

Pericardium 6 – Two and a half finger-widths down from the wrist crease in the center of the inside of the forearm. This point, also used commonly for nausea, is effective in lessening anxiety, worry and fear:

Location of Pe 6

Kidney 6 – Find the inside of your ankle with your thumb, then drop your thumb to just below the ankle bone. This is a very common acupoint used for sleep issues and insomnia:

Kidney 6 Location

Bladder 62 – On the outside of the ankle find the outside “bump” that makes up the ankle.  Go toward the ground so that your fingers rest on the hollow directly below the “bump” you were just on.  Excellent point for night-time worries and anxiety as well as insomnia:

UB 62 Location

These last two points are held together at the same time.  Together, they are very calming and quiet the mind.

Governing vessel 24.5 – The third-eye point, this point is just between your eyebrows, in the middle of the two.  You will feel a small notch or divot under your finger as you find this point.  Hold in tandem with CV 17 below for 1 – 2 minutes:

Location of GV 24.5 Conception vessel 17 – This point is about 3-4 fingers up from the bottom of the breastbone, at the same level as the nipples and directly in the center of the chest and sternum.  Hold together with GV 24.5 for 1 – 2 minutes.

Location of CV 17

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