More FABULOUS Foot Massage Techniques: Toes!

The toes are an often forgotten part of the body. Until they start to cause issues, that is. Issues with the toes can eventually make their way up the body in compensation patterns and cause problems in the ankle, knee, hips, back and even the neck/shoulders. With that in mind, I’ll give you a great way to work on a friend or partner’s toes.

I use many of these techniques every day – and the toe stretches at the end of the video are wonderful. I’ve had clients report reduction in plantar fasciitis and tendonitis on the foot from these stretches. For people with flat feet it can really open up the tissue and get good blood flow going.

One caution – the toe stretches can be very intense. Move slowly and do very small stretches at first. Have your partner tell you as soon as it starts to feel uncomfortable. You can move the toes a lot further than the body is comfortable with them stretching, so you’ll be asked to stop the stretch before you feel the end of the range of motion with these stretches.

Enjoy! And as always, contact me for massage therapy in Louisville.

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