More Hand Massage – 12 Days of Partner Massage

Ready for more on the hands? If you’ve got a partner, spouse or friend who spends a lot of time working with her/his hands (computer user, musician, mom, teacher, knitter, iPhone addict etc.) s/he will love you forever if you do the first three videos on the hand. Start with Forearm and Wrist, then do the Palm video, then finish up with the video below. Heaven!

Remember to be careful if you’re working on someone with arthritis. You need to be very gentle, and use very light pressure if your partner has any issues with their hands. Check in frequently to make sure the pressure you’re using feels good. If your own hands get tired, take a break, shake them out, or trade with your partner and get your own hand massage.

And if you want to start at the beginning of the playlist -12 Days of Partner Massage

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