7 Keys to Neck Posture

This great pdf article (7 Keys to Neck Posture)covers some of the most common issues we run into on a daily basis that affect our neck and head posture. Those of you who have become a fan on Facebook have already seen my post that for every inch forward you carry your head, you add an extra 10 pounds to the weight the spine and neck/back muscles must support. Your 12 pound head becomes 22, 32, or 42 pounds as your forward head posture moves away from the spine in one inch increments.

Some highlights – See the pdf for great pictures and explanations:

#1: Instead of tilting the head down to your lap to read a book or fiddle with your smartphone/pda, LIFT the book or pda upward, closer to eye level so that you don’t have to tilt your head downward.
#3: Keep the elbow of your mouse arm tucked in close to your torso, not out away from the body.
#4: Carry purses and bags with the straps across the body, not on the same side as the bag. You hold your shoulder up to keep the strap on your shoulder and tighten muscles supporting the shoulder and neck. Remember, the shoulders should not be earrings.
#6: Don’t hold the phone up to your ear with your shoulder. You know you should hold it up to your head with your neck straight. Get a headset and stop giving yourself headaches from using your neck to hold the phone to your ear.

Read the full article here. This is good stuff, so pass it on!

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