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A little public service announcement to you all. If you’re sick stay home and get better! Don’t go into work or out and about and infect the rest of us! It’s cold and flu season. And, we’ve got holidays coming up so we’ll be adding family stress into the mix. I found a great article/essay on something I see all the time: putting our own health at the bottom of the priority list.

I began to realize that I am not alone in slighting my own needs, and that most Americans value their health by one simple litmus strip; OUR ABILITY TO GO TO WORK.

Many Americans are of the ingrained belief that if they can go to WORK and function in any way possible, they MUST, even if they feel like crud and are potentially contagious to others. It is called “The Don’t Call In, CRAWL In” syndrome. Our work ethics as a society truly seems to dictate whether or not we allow ourselves time to rebuild our health when viruses or colds attack.

via Is Health a De-Valued Commodity? | WIBB.

Are you a crawler? Do you drag yourself in to work when you’re sick? Maybe staying home is the better course. Here are some of the benefits

1) Your cold will run through its course faster if you stay home and rest. The important part of this is to actually rest when you’re home, not continue to do things around the house.

2) You’ll limit the number of people you could infect. By staying home you can prevent passing along that little bug to others in the community. In fact, by staying home, you limit the exposure of you co-workers and save the company money by NOT getting others at work sick.

3) If you can telecommute when you’re not feeling well, or when you’re starting to get sick you may be able to get a lot done in fewer hours than at work.

Although I’m mostly referring to colds, flu and viruses here, the same can be said for overall health. Take the time you need to adjust your diet, add exercise to your routine, and take care of aches and pains so that you remain healthy and active. Life isn’t just about work. Neither is health. Your definition of “being sick” should not be defined by your ability to transport yourself to work and sit in the office. Health is about being able to do the things you love and be there for others in your life. Sometimes that means you’ll need to step away from your work, your activities, and your commitments to hole up and heal – whether that’s from a cold, an injury or stress.

Your health is your most important asset. It is the quality that enables you to function and to care for others in your life. It allows you to do the things you love. Take care of it.

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