One Hour of Exercise a Week Can Reduce Low Back & Shoulder/Neck Pain

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The most common complaints I see clients come in the door with are neck/shoulder pain and low back pain.  Hands down, they probably account for 90% or more of my appointments. I just found a short article/extract that looked at the effect of amount physical exercise and body mass index (an indicator of obesity) on the occurance of chronic pain over a 13 year study of 30,000 participants.

You can figure out they’ll say there is a correlation between weight and pain, but what I didn’t expect was the percentage.  The risk of low back of neck/shoulder pain increases 20% for those participants who fell in the “obese” category. Even more astounding – read the last sentence there:

For both females and males, hours of physical exercise per week were linearly and inversely associated with risk of chronic pain in the low back and neck/shoulders. Obese women and men had an approximately 20% increased risk of chronic pain in both the low back and the neck/shoulders. Exercising for 1 or more hours per week compensated, to some extent, for the adverse effect of high body mass index on risk of chronic pain.

via Physical Exercise, Body Mass Index, and Risk of Chronic Pain in the Low Back and Neck/Shoulders « Neck Solutions Blog.

Did you catch that?  ONE (1) hour of exercise per week compensated to some extent for the negative effect that being overweight had on the body. Have I talked you into exercising yet? Because I’m a professional nag, and I’m telling you – it’s not only good for your body, but it’s GREAT for your brain.

Now get off your duff and move it!

Click through to the link for the full extract. And once you start exercising, you may need massage to soothe sore muscles, so give me a call if you need a massage in Louisville.

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