Squeeze the Feet to Kill the Headache

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Sounds a little crazy, huh? Press on my feet and affect an unrelated part of the body? Clear my sinuses? Relieve my headache? Crazytalk!

It may seem like hocuspocus, but there is a long tradition of reflexology which does just that. It associates certain parts of the foot with very specific parts of the body, and massage to the foot location (the reflex) affects changes throughout the entire body. I didn’t think much of reflexology until I saw it work on me and my clients.

Physiologically, it’s not clear what mechanism connects reflex points on the feet to various organs and areas of the body, but reflexologists build a career out of treating people through work on their feet, hands or ears (which also have reflexes much like the feet). I’ve seen it relieve sinus pressure and clear the head, help with headaches and migraines, relieve constipation, reduce bladder issues, help digestion, ease stomach cramps, and help with allergies. Reflexology may seem a little “out there,” but for a lot of people, its an easy and effective way to use self-massage to improve health and wellness.

So what are some good spots to know for working on the head and neck?

Reflexes Mirrored on the Toes

The pads of the toes are thought to represent the head while the necks of the toes are thought to mirror the body’s neck. Specific reflexology techniques are applied to all sides of the toes including the toenails.

Focus work on the toes would encourage a relaxed mind, release muscle tension in the neck and reduce discomfort in the face and scalp.

  • Toenails – are stimulated for the back of the head which includes the scalp.
  • Tips of the toes – are stimulated for sinus congestion.
  • Pads of the toes – are stimulated for the mouth – the teeth, gums, and jaw.
  • Pad of the great toes – are stimulated for the brain including the Hypothalamus and Pituitary gland reflexes.
  • Necks of the toes – are stimulated for the neck, throat, breathing airway or trachea.

via Cranial and Neck Reflex Areas in Reflexology | Suite101.com.

Head over to the above link for more information, and if you’d like to try a little reflexology, give me a heads up before your next massage in Louisville or Nashville.  I can save time during the session and make sure to work the reflexes most effective for your issues.

photo credit: sxc.hu user dcarson924

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