Lessons from the Table: Search for What Makes You Happy

Rubber Ducks

One of the things I like best about working with people is finding out more about hobbies and crafts and all sorts of things people love to do in their spare time.

I’ve watched people learn about knitting, leathework, pottery, coin collecting, equestrian, felting, jewelry making, beading, painting, cooking, baking, home improvement, wood carving and a hundred other skills. I listen to you talk about challenges, frustrations, educational moments, mistakes and best of all, funny stories about your new hobbies.

You’ve taught me that the process of learning and discovery doesn’t stop when you find a career or job you enjoy. Often, it’s the hobby that’s your true passion, and the job is something that allows you time for your hobby.

When you find something you love, you’re drawn to it.

And sometimes you keep looking. For some of us, it’s the process of searching, learning and trying something new that is the hobby. Bouncing from one hobby to the next isn’t a bad thing, it just means you’re curious, inquisitive and love to experiment.

Photo credit: flickr.com CCL, user: krikit

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