Self-Massage for Nursing Moms and New Moms

New moms don’t get a lot of breaks.  Between the sleep deprivation, the late nights, and baby worries it can be pretty stressful. To help with the aches and tension that comes from breastfeeding and caring for an infant in general, I put together a short video demonstrating the stretches and self-massage techniques I share with new moms.

I usually show these to them when they’re hugely pregnant and so ready to have the baby that I’m not sure they absorb a lot of the information to use later.  I decided to video these simple techniques so that I could share them with clients and new moms everywhere to help where I can.

The benefits of doing this self-massage and stretching can include having a looser neck, less neck/shoulder pain, reduced headaches, easing of tension in the chest and upper back, reduced jaw pain (if that’s become an issue), and fewer “cricks” in the neck. As with any new stretching/massage routine, you want to be gentle on your body, but you do want to feel the stretch.  It may take a few repetitions a day to start seeing the benefits, but most moms report back that doing these stretches helps with shoulder and neck pain right away.

So forward this along to breastfeeding moms and new moms – even doing these stretches once a day will help. And some of the neck stretches you may be able to do a bit of while you’re feeding the littlest one.

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