TMJ Awareness Month: Massage Resources

I just found out that November is TMJ Awareness month, and I wanted to share a couple of massage resources I have with you. Temperomandibular Joint Syndrome (TMJ) is a condition in which the TMJ joint (the joint that’s the hinge of your jaw) becomes inflamed. The inflammation, which can be acute or chronic, leads to pain and loss of function in the jaw, mouth, ears and neck. Sometimes, clients report difficulty chewing, or opening their mouth wide. They can also feel pain or fullness in the ears. Clicking and popping sounds from the joint itself can also indicate TMJ symptoms. Migraines, headaches, dizziness and tinnitus can also be a associated with TMJ disorder.

I have a couple of videos that you might want to view. The first is a video that I put together that shows some acupressure points that are helpful for TMJ syndrome. The original is here on a previous blog post:



Another technique that can also help is lymphatic drainage of the ears. This video can show you how to perform lymphatic drainage on yourself so you can reduce fluid around and in the ears.




And if you can talk your spouse, partner or friend into it, you can add this one to the list:

So, take some time to watch the videos if you or a loved one has issues with TMJ syndrome. Using self-massage gives you a tool to give yourself immediate relief from the pain, and it also gives you another tool to use in your management and treatment of the symptoms.

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