Toe Massage – 12 Days of Partner Massage

Your toes feel a little neglected by now. We’ve loved on the ankle, the arch and the sole of the foot and all the while the toes have been aching for some good work. But today, we give those ten little toes that work so hard all day a little time off. These moves, tractioning and manipulating the toes feels fantastic. It’s gentle on the toes, easy to do and very effective in releasing tension in the foot and lower leg.

Thank you all for joining me in my first video series. I’m hopeful that there are more on the horizon, so just let me know if you have an requests on videos or video series on self-massage.

So if you want to start at the beginning of the playlist -12 Days of Partner Massage. Alternately, you can just start at the Leg and Foot Playlist. Or you can just go directly to the last video:

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