How Touch and Sensation Affect Perceptions

An excellent article on the ways that tactile sensations affect perceptions and impressions of others.  As a massage therapist, I find these kinds of things fascinating.  Here’s an excerpt:

Did you know that holding a warm cup of coffee can foster a sense of trust in another person? Touching is an important part of interacting with our environment and people. . .

Research suggests that touch, including temperature sensations can subconsciously affect our impressions of others, the decisions we make and even our behavior.  New scientific evidence now suggests that what we think and perceive can result from associating concepts we garnered from touch experiences. A recent study,1 supported by the National Institutes of Health, set out to discover whether or not tactile impressions affect what we think and believe.

What they found suggests that information acquired through touch creates imperceivable influence over what we think and believe. “Our minds are deeply and organically linked to our bodies,” said Bargh. They also found that these tactile experiences can create beliefs that may differ from reality.

via Tactile Sensations Affect Perception, Not Reality.

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