Warrior Dash: Adult Dream or ER Visit Waiting to Happen?

A friend of mine (in an incredible act of bravery, or, well, um, bravery) signed up for something called the Warrior Dash.  Imagine a big, 5K obstacle course for adults – crawling under wire, slogging through a mud pit, jumping over walls – and getting a cool viking with horns at the end (with beer!). Check out the name of the obstacles on Warrior Dash Website.

As a massage therapist watching the video montage below all I could think was, “Oh, no, that’s going to be ugly in the morning.”  But since I know plenty of weekend warriors who, as clients, would think this is the coolest thing ever, here’s the video.  Enjoy (just be sure to come see me for a massage in Louisville or Nashville while you’re training and the day after the race).

And yes, it does look like a lot of fun!

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